Most people in the UK who have an infestation are likely to have the German or Oriental species of cockroach. The Oriental cockroach is dark brown/black and ranges from 17-30mm whilst the more common German cockroach is lighter brown and smaller at 12-15mm.
German cockroaches are found throughout buildings but show a preference for warm and humid areas. They are good climbers and are able to climb vertical glass or tiled surfaces. German cockroaches are usually more visible due to the areas they live in. In a kitchen you are likely to find them in cupboards, behind fridge motors, under sink units and around boiler units. Another indication of an infestation are signs of faeces in cupboards, behind appliances and worktops, these faeces resemble black dots. An infestation of these cockroaches can be quickly established once they have entered the premises.
Oriental cockroaches are normally found in damp humid conditions and in basements. They are more difficult to treat as they tend to live in the fabric of the building. Oriental cockroaches are known for their preference for feeding on rubbish or waste material that has begun to decay.

How do we control cockroaches?
Our treatment programme for cockroaches usually consists of three visits. Our technician will carry out a thorough inspection of your premises prior to any treatment and assess the level and extent of the infestation. Before a treatment is carried out it is important to identify the cockroach species. This will provide details of the biology, life cycle and habits of the pest. Once this has been established he will then be able to carry out treatment to the appropriate areas. All our treatments are completely safe for children and animals.
Our second visit will reveal the extent of the infestation and areas which are more heavily infested. These areas will be treated with the appropriate insecticides. The sticky insect monitor traps laid down on the first visit will be checked and replaced where necessary. Our third visit will conclude the treatment programme.

Where there is a history of cockroaches in certain areas it is recommended that a service contract be taken out to maintain an acceptable level of control and prevent the spread of infestation.