If wasps are going in and out of particular hole on a regular basis, it is likely you have a wasps nest. Wasps also visit dustbins and waste depots which can lead to the spread of disease and contamination of foodstuffs. As a general rule, you should not attempt to treat a wasp nest by yourself as it is likely to be difficult and potentially dangerous. You should not remove a nest from a roof space, this job should be carried out by a professional pest controller. The main hazard is the risk of ‘anaphylactic shock’ which can arise from even a single wasp sting.

How do we control wasps?

Wasp nests can be controlled by applying an insecticidal dust into the entrance of the nest at high pressure. Once this has been carried out the wasps will distribute the dust naturally around the nest, thus killing the queen and the rest of the wasps. This will normally take about four hours depending on the size of the nest.

We also treat for Masonry bees.