A thorough inspection should be made to determine the extent and source of the infestation. We would normally need to carry out three visits against flies. Treatment consists of a dual insecticide treatment to the entire premises. Before the treatment commences the residents are asked to vacate the premises and cannot return for four hours.
We would usually need to carry out two further visits at weekly intervals after the initial treatment and the premises are treated in exactly the same way as the initial visit. Once the treatments have been carried out, our technician will fill out an online inspection report and discuss ways of preventing re-infestation.
Our fly treatment comes with a three month guarantee.

Jaguar Pest Control stock a variety of fly killers including both traditional electronic fly killers and the latest Glueboard systems. Please call or email us to discuss your requirements, a trained member of staff will be able to assess your needs and recommend the best possible product. We are confident that we can provide the solution that fits you best.

This is the traditional method of insect control, it attracts flies with UV light and then electrocutes them with a killing grid. The systems we supply feature a unique killing grid for reduced incidents of insect explosion.

These offer a silent and discreet alternative to the electronic units, ideal for sensitive environments.  Flies are attracted to the UV light and then caught by the sticky glueboard.

We also treat for Cluster flies, Bar flies, Filter flies, Fruit flies and House flies